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First talk about how Jay amassed wealth in few months: Rahul

First talk about how Jay amassed wealth in few months: Rahul

 Feb 12, 2018

AICC President Rahul Gandhi on Monday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop talking about corruption in Karnataka and explain how BJP President Amit Shah's son Jay Shah amassed wealth in a span of few months.

' Modi, before pointing your finger on others, you first speak about how Jay Shah turned a paltry Rs 50,000 into Rs 80 crore in three months. If you want to talk about corruption please tell the country on what is happening under your nose,' he added.

Addressing the people in a street corner meeting, Gandhi during his four-day visit to Hyderabad-Karnataka region, said Modi should stop making empty speeches. 'Talking on corruption issue has been your favourite subject. So talk about how Amit Shah's son garnered such wealth in such short span of time. You also look at who is sharing the dias with you.

These are(Yeddyurappa and other BJP leaders) those who went to jail or quit their posts when BJP was in power in Karnataka due to corruption charges,' he charged. Gandhi said Modi had dissapointed crores of youths who voted for him in the hope of getting jobs. But it was the Siddaramaiah government in Karnataka that produced most number of jobs among the states in entire country during the last four and half years.

He ridiculed the Prime Minister's claim that India was competing with China saying that country was producing 50,000 jobs within a day while the BJP government could not create even a few hundred of jobs in weeks.

The Congress President said the slogans like Make in India had a hallow in its claims. Most of the jobs created in the country during Modi's rule had actually been created by Siddaramaiah. What Modi lacks is a forward looking mentality, he claimed.

He said the BJP leaders should learn from the Congress and the Karnataka government that had helped the farmers and given Article 371 (J) which has created jobs in H-K region.

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