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Sonakshi Sinha for 'Beat the Q' live broadcasting show

Sonakshi Sinha for 'Beat the Q' live broadcasting show

 Feb 12, 2018

Social media platform 'Hypstar'--a 15 second original short video community incubated by the Bytedance, China's tech giant has roped Sonakshi Sinha for becoming one of their first quizzers for their live broadcasting show 'Beat the Q'.

Sonakshi who is an avid social media user and active member on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will be appeared on the show as the quizzer on February 10, challenging the subscribers with the quiz.

Commenting on her association with Hypstar, Sonakshi said,'This innovation in the social media space is a great tool for me to connect with my fans and audience. Video platforms are always more personalized a gateway to stay connected with fans and followers. It's exciting to try newer platforms and Hypstar happens to my latest and most favorite discovery.'

Hypstar, has launched a unique campaign for its subscribers whereby they can interact with their favorite celebrities and stand an opportunity of earning money through participation. Their live broadcasting show lBeat the Ql is the latest sensation where celebrities appear twice during a day, at 1pm and 2 pm posing two sets of 12 questions each time. The subscribers can undertake this quiz and stand to earn rewards with increasing stakes at every level.

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