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Aggressive behaviour of children from fast forward society

Aggressive behaviour of children from fast forward society

 Feb 12, 2018

Changing lifestyle causing depression in children and further their nature getting aggressive is a warning sign to our traditional society. Some recent incidents like a girl of class 6 being attacked by a boy of class1 in  the state capital is shocking. A 16-year old student murdered a 2nd standard student to defer an approaching examination and a parent teacher meeting in Gurgaon, all these indicate that in the fast forward life style, the young generation is giving more attention to secure their future, by pushing all values and culture aside.

According to psychologists and experts, anthropologists and internet researchers think that, when children from five to fifteen attempt to commit a crime, which shakes the entire society, it forced us to think that increasing problems of children are inspired from or is an outcome of westernisation, fast forward life, ignorance of our culture and heading towards glamour and internet.

Renowned anthropologist and head of Anthropology School of Lucknow, Professor Uday Pratap Singh said that our culture which was enriched with harmony, equality, love, brotherhood and cordiality is getting affected with materialism these days.

"The tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values and tradition is diverting us from our basic roots of culture which was the base of religion also" he pointed out.

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