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Himalayan Springs going dry

Himalayan Springs going dry

 Feb 12, 2018

A majority of Himalayan springs are going dry. In a government report it has been stated that a large number of low-water springs have already dried up and some have reached critical levels. This has resulted in acute water shortage in a great number of Himalayan villages raising a water alarm.

The report submitted by the Department of Science and Technology [DST] to Niti Aayog says that half of the perennial springs have dried up or become seasonal resulting in acute water shortage for those in the villages there. It is estimated that there are around 5 million springs in India and of these about 3 million are located in the Himalayas.

The dwindling condition of the springs is caused by a variety of reasons. Erratic rainfall patterns are a major cause. Increased water demand and changing land use patterns have also been contributory factors. Seismic activity in the Himalayan region is also a factor. Then there is the man made problem of ecological degradation owing to infrastructural development. All these put together have taken a toll on the natural springs.

The drying up of the springs will naturally impact water inflow to our rivers. As such, the management of spring water gains importance and immediate action. Niti Aayog has recommended starting a holistic National Programme on Regeneration of Springs in the Himalayan Region.

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