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Modi is silent on farmers’ loan waiver: Rahul

Modi is silent on farmers’ loan waiver: Rahul

 Feb 12, 2018

Strongly condemning the NDA Government on Sunday Gandhi appreciated the Karnataka government's move in writing off loans taken from Cooperative Institutions. Addressing a public meeting in Karatagi town in Koppal District, Gandhi said that Karnataka voters should understand the difference between the ruling Congress in Karnataka and Modi government.

'I had personally went to PM office and requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to waive off farmers loan who are suffering due to natural calamity, but he (Mr Modi) keeping mum and not respond properly, you must understand the BJP government policy, they waive off large industries and capitalist loans to the tune of Rs 10,000 crores but on farmers loan they keep silent', he alleged. Gandhi appreciated the Karnataka government's move writing off loans. "This is the difference between the Congress and BJP," he added.

Gandhi targeted Modi on issues of unemployment, demonetization and the GST, referring to the tax regime as the "Gabbar Singh Tax". Appealing the people to support Congress in the coming elections, Gandhi urged them to thereby contribute towards the progress of Karnataka at a much 'faster pace'.

Before the Karatagi, Gandhi addressing a rally in Gangavati said that the Siddaramaiah government has provided a scam-free rule, the BJP had broken 'world records' in graft in Karnataka. He said "In the last five years there was not even a single scam, and during their (BJP) time there were scams one after the other, from mining to what not, different scams".

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