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Russian Passenger Jet Crashes, 71 Dead

Russian Passenger Jet Crashes, 71 Dead

 Feb 11, 2018

A Russian jet carrying 71 people crashed soon after takeoff from Moscow airport. It has been reported that there are no survivors. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the An-148 jet operated by Saratov Airlines ‘breaking up in the sky’ shortly after it went missing from radar.

The plane was carrying 65 passengers and 6 crew members. Russia’s Investigative Committee has begun a criminal investigation into the crash. Flight data has shown that the plane was falling at a speed of 22,000 feet per minute when the radar signal went off.

Russian rescue teams have reached the crash site. The Transportation Minister Maxim Sokolov is also on his way there. The plane is believed to have crashed outside Argunovo village.

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