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Investments in future techs to put India on top: Economic Survey

Investments in future techs to put India on top: Economic Survey

 Jan 30, 2018

Investment in future technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Blockchain can make India a global leader, the Economic Survey said.

Calling for greater focus and investment on R&D in science and technology, the Survey suggested a mission-driven approach that could have a huge impact on Indian society and growth.

National Mission on Cyber Physical Systems is among half a dozen key drivers which could promote India’s Research and Development capabilities, the Survey said.

“This is hugely multidisciplinary area including deep mathematics used in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, block chains, expert systems, contextual learning going to integration of all of these with intelligent materials and machines, control systems, sensors and actuators, robotics and smart manufacturing,” the Survey noted.

The other five include national missions on dark matter, genomics, energy storage systems, mathematics, and agriculture.

“Innovations in science and technology are integral to the long-term growth and dynamism of any nation. The pursuit of science also creates a spirit of enquiry and discourse which are critical to modern, open, democratic societies,” the Survey said.

The Survey also called for efforts to match the efforts of “ease of doing business” with similar ones to boost the “ease of doing science.”


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