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The un-Generation

The un-Generation

Sushil Kumar, Jan 10, 2018

Once upon a time, the words UN always reminded us of the United Nations... But that was once upon a time.

Hey folks, get ready to uninstall your vocabulary, lest you become a subject in ancient world history. And if you still are adamant, please get ready to be unfriended by your fellow-netizens…and probably only your dog may like to follow you around, because the others would have unfollowed you! Never to unblock you again.

Time was when togetherness meant Face-to-Face, and relaxation meant reading a Book. Today all of this has coalesced into Facebook.

On your marks, get set … Mr. Mark is here with a book to transform the face of e-nglish.

You are thirsty for info? Before you hurry to flip pages of an encyclopedia, Mr. Page is always around to power your search, courtesy Google.

And who was that, who went up the hill with Jill? Never mind: Mr. Jack is down here making you twitter, like crazy…anyway the twittering birds are all gone.

Welcome to Circa 2020.  Welcome to a new lingo which is a 360-degree inflexion from the past.

Flashback to once upon a time…remember, Wren & Martin and all that grammar stuff about Past Tense, Present Tense and Future Tense. Well if you are still in the W&M age, the future is indeed going to be very tense. Unsubscribe Wren & Martin now! Ping S/s Evan, Hoffman, Jan, Sean.

Here are some 2020 scenarios, when the un-Gen lingo takes over completely.

Students: Good morning mam, today the weather is so pleasant. Can we have an unteach period?                                                   

Teacher: You are making me unlaugh with this bizarre request. The Principal will really unlove you if he gets wind of this. Open your books please.

Asha: Daddy, for my bae’s party yesterday, I had texted to transfer a thousand bucks.                                                                                                                        

Daddy:  Sorry, had a brainfade. I know it was unfatherly of me.

Employee: Sir, I am going to unbachelor myself; and you are the first person I am inviting you for my wedding. 

Boss: You know I am one of the unblessing types when it comes to sanctioning long leave. Hope you will continue to unhate me despite my granting you only 3 days leave.

Boy: Despite my best efforts, your parents wish to uncelebrate our relationship.                                                                                                                     

Girl: What can I do, despite all your antics they remain unamazed.

Patient: In spite of all your tests and medicines, I am in a state of uncare and uncure. 

Doctor: Don’t be unpatient in your response, we have just reached the unbegin stage of treatment.

Judge: You have the right to unanswer questions in the absence of a lawyer.

Accused: I would then rather unappoint a lawyer, but will I remain in custody?

Astrologer: Your daughter’s horoscope predicts a long period of uncompanionship.  

Girl’s Father: Please advise the pujas to be done to unempower the negative influences of the planetary positions.

Policeman: We have to arrest you for ungiving the stolen items, despite orders.

Thief: I unswear on Satan. I never did steal them.

Grandfather: Raju, what are the attributes to become a sure-shot billionaire the quickest way? 

Grandson: Become a Polbusnal. One who combines the Footprint of a politician-cum-businessman-cum-criminal.

Mother: Doctor, what’s happened to my son, will he be OK? 

Psychiatrist: He is suffering from Onlinitis. Don’t worry, he has to undergo a course of unzombification, followed by ungoogle therapy.

The times are changing indeed. It may not be out of context to quote a few lines from the iconic 1964-Bob Dylan song, ‘The Times They Are A- Changin’…

“…Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is rapidly agin’
Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin’…”

In the public imagination, Steve Jobs is considered the prophet of the “touch-screen age”, who unleashed transformative changes. Prophetically, Steve Jobs recited a verse of this Dylan song during the 1984 Apple shareholders meeting when he unveiled the Macintosh for the first time.

Beware, don’t be shocked if schools & colleges start Courses on Untrolling Behavior, Meming Psychology, Unpornification, Firehose Management, Pingography…

Paradoxically, it is reported that in 1659 a clergyman named Thomas Fuller wrote in  “The Appeal of Injured Innocence”,  ‘I Hope, Sir, that we are not mutually Un-friended by this Difference which hath happened betwixt us’…Well, that also happened once upon a time!


Imagine, no people driven to utter starvation  

A land where farmers don’t kill themselves in desperation 

And where children don’t die ‘cause of malnutrition


Imagine, a world where the feminine is not an object of exploitation  

A place where nurturing the ecosystem is ingrained in education 

And where businesses pursue inclusive wealth maximization


Imagine, no people without homes and habitation

A humanity not overburdened by its own population

And where focus is on real solutions, not misinformation


Imagine, a society free of senseless wars and destruction

A boundary less globe not fuelled by merchants of ammunition 

And where truth & justice prevail, not the politics of fear & deception


Imagine, a planet where the ultimate religion is self-realization

A space to be realized not just by saints & seers, but everyone

And where the promised land is not up or down, but deep within


You may say he’s a dreamer, but he's not the only one 

They’re all across planet earth, numbering over 7 billion

May the New Year give wings to the collective imagination.  

Sushil Kumar, Management Specialist, Former Dean, Amrita School of Business. 

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