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Monday Special
Raisina Whispers

Raisina Whispers

Varahamihira, Dec 25, 2017

Greener Pastures

The BJP has realised that it cant repeat the magic of 2014 where it swept North India with 100 percent success rate in 6 states. Therefore it has been focusing on strengthening itself in hitherto uncharted territories. While venturing into newer states like Kerala and Bengal, they have met with small successes on ground. They are also trying to carve a space for themselves in the domestic politics of the state. However, BJP seems to have met it's Waterloo in the state of Tamil Nadu. The state has left top party Pundits scratching their heads.




A Comedy Of Errors

After Jaya's death BJP first tried to prop up OPS. By then the Sasikala Camp had suffered a body blow with her conviction in the DA case. With Dinakaran arrested in a police case for allegedly attempting to bribe EC officials, the camp was effectively neutralised. But what was not forseen was an aggressive EPS, leaving OPS unsuccessful in breaking the AIADMK with adequate numbers. Finally, the OPS camp went in for a merger with the EPS camp. But a year after Jayalalithaa's death OPS and EPS still weren't able to consolidate their power. Despite being the ruling party and winning the two leaf symbol they have been defeated by a huge margin in the RK Nagar bypoll. They stand both embarrased and vulnerable today.


An Outlandish Theory

It is in this background that post the 2G verdict speculation began about whether PM Modi reached a compromise when he met Karunanidhi a few months back in Chennai. Though the meet was officially described as a courtesy call. A section of the AIADMK leadership in New Delhi was seen spreading the theory that the favourable 2G verdict was manipulated by the Centre in exchange of support from the DMK post the 2019 verdict. Now all those theories have come a cropper with TTV Dinakaran emerging victorious in the assembly bypoll. If it was a strategy, it has surely backfired.


                                                  The Return Of Dinakaran

With his entry into the TN Assembly that too from her seat, he has proclaimed himself Jaya's true heir and is expected to rally around the support of a large section of legislators from the state. He will either break the party in three months and make the Govt fall as he proclaimed in Madurai soon after the first trends emerged or he may choose to compromise and share power with OPS and EPS for the remaining three years.



Social Media Aggression

The report of RG going to watch a film while counting was on didn't cut much ice on social media. It was quite unlike his 2 month holiday that caused a huge flutter close to 3 years back. This time his party workers and leaders are said to be enthused with his work on ground. Not only did they take the fight to PM and Amit Shah's home state, they narrowly missed a shot at power. Unlike earlier state polls, RG was involved at multiple levels from campaign to alliance formation. A renewed Congress social media team responded with such force to the story online with memes and jokes that many party workers were seen aggressively defending him online.

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