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Has Pakistan fixed matches to reach finals?

Has Pakistan fixed matches to reach finals?

 Jun 16, 2017

The India-Pakistan final  would be the most anticipated war of the times but the win of Pakistan team  to the finals has been questioned by its own former skipper Aamer Sohail. He has indirectly accused the Pak team of fixing the match.

In a Pakisthani news channel he has termed the victory of Skipper Sarfraz Ahamed is nothing to rejoice as external forces have helped the team to reach the final. Aameer Sohail says : The Pak skipper Sartaz had not done anything great. Some  one helped him win the game and everybody knows who helped them. He has also gone to say that everybody knows who has helped them win the games. If asked I will say that the prayers of the fans and God has won them the games. They have been brought to the final due to external factors and not based on field performance. The boys should now need to be level headed and focus on playing good cricket .”

Against the backdrop of a spirited final against India, for the Pak team the revelations of the former captain is a real dampener.

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