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Oil prices to change on daily basis from today

Oil prices to change on daily basis from today

 Jun 16, 2017

No more whimsical pricing of the petroleum products. From Friday onwards petrol and diesel would be priced according to the international movement of the petroleum products with duties added. As of now the price of petrol is decreased by Rs. 1.12 and diesel by Rs 1.24 per litre.

Rates would change every morning at six a.m depending on the movement in prices. It would be prevalent till next morning six a.m. Consumers could know the price through the website of the oil company or sending an SMS. An app to know the pricing is also available which would give the details of the price at a pump nearest to you. Indian oil corporation would be opening 87 control rooms to tide over any difficulty. Though the prices of petroleum products are coming down in the international markets, the high cost of the dollar and the duties levied would add substantial burden on the consumer and may not give much gains to him. But there won't be any shocker as used to be.

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