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A new twist to Bobbittizing story

A new twist to Bobbittizing story

Hari S Kartha, Jun 15, 2017

The sensational case involving the alleged rape attempt by a Sanyasin following which the girl against whom the attempt was made had reportedly copped off his genital now takes a new turn. This follows the statement by the girl to a regional news channel that there was no rape attempt by the Sanyasin and that she had not bobbtiised him either.

Already the Sanyasin Gangeshananda's lawyer Advocate Sasthamangalam Ajith had produced before the court a letter believed to have been written by the girl to the lawer. The letter contradicts all that was reported by the media so far. These media reports were based on briefing by the police. A bail application was also moved by the Sanyasin's lawer along which the girl's letter had also been submitted to the court.

The letter says that the girl has never chopped off Gangeshananda's genital and that she had no need for it as he was like a father to her. Three other former aides of the Sanyasin are now being sought to be linked to the incident which was widely discussed by the Kerala media. The lawyer received the letter by post a couple of days back. The Sanyasin, the girl and her family had very healthy and cordial relations, says the letter. There was never any sexual advances or misbehavior by the Sanyasin whatsoever.The alleged rape is concocted by the police according to the letter. However the letter admits that the girl, under persuasion and pressure by one Ayyappadas, a former aid of Gangeshananda, had made an attempt to chop off the Sanyasin's genital when he was asleep. But she failed in the attempt as he woke up and started screaming. The girl was told by Ayyappadas to seek help of her neighbor B.Sandhya, the Additional Director General of Police. But there was no response from the neighborhood and so the girl herself sough police help by phone. The police who rushed to the spot rescued took the girl to the nearby station and subsequently took the Sanyasin to custody. The girl's statement was recorded by the police. As she could not either read or write Malayalam, the statement written by the cops could not be vetted, so goes the letter.

The girl who is a law student on Thursday spoke to a news channel confirming that she had written and sent the letter to Gangeshananda's lawyer.

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