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Sartorial switch over

Sartorial switch over

 Jun 15, 2017

Though belated, one of the new temples of learning has woken up and decided to shed a ‘colonial hangover’, the black robes and funny headgear, for this year’s convocation. The Director of Kanpur IIT has directed that this year students would don ethnic attire like kurta pajama and churridar during the convocation ceremony.

The director, Prof. Indranil Manna, has said that ‘for the first time students will receive their degrees in the institute not in the British-time gowns and headgear but in kurta pyjama and kurta churridar along with stoles of different colours. Students hereafter would have to wear Indian clothes at future convocations.’

The professors would be donning golden colored robes fully covering their suits, to coincide with the golden jubilee of the institute. Black leather shoes are not mandatory, and the dons can go in for any Indian footwear, but it must be in leather.

The Uttarakhand Higher Education Minister, Dhan Singh Rawat, has also not been far behind in this sartorial revolution. He said that for the convocation ceremony of the Dev Suman Uttakhand Universtity at Tehri ,they would be introducing cultural attire in the place of the black gown and a cap that reflect the tradition of the state. The state government has asked the National Institute of Fashion Technology to design an appropriate convocation dress that reflects the culture of the state and the country.

This decision came a day after the Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat refused to wear the convocation robe at the Dehradun-based University of Petroleum and Energy Studies’ convocation. 

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