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A road named Kadakin

 Jun 15, 2017

Alexander Kadakin who? A diplomat who was born in Russia but made India his karmabhumi, and died in Delhi this January, after serving here since 2009, Mr. Kadakin has a road named after him in the elite Chanakyapuri area, connecting Sardar Patel Marg and San Martin Road.

This was a change of name that went off without creating any controversies and joint protests by academics and intellectuals. According to an official note Mr. Kadakin ‘was an admirable diplomat, a great friend of India and was fluent in Hindi, Urdu, French, Romanian languages, and a Devnagri writer as well as conversant with Indian heritage mythology and culture.’

The New Delhi Municipal Council passed a decision to this effect a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced this at St Petersburg after signing an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his Russian visit this past week.

While there are any number of roads named after historical figures and national leaders,  and some that have been forgotten even in their own countries, like Tito in the erstwhile Yugoslavia or Nasser in Egypt, we have remained faithful in treasuring their memory. At the same time it would have been more appropriate if we also found time to recall the services of some of our own leaders done here, and made this city their karmabhumi. One  can recall CK Nair, who was called the ‘Delhi Gandhi’ and did much relief work during the fifties and was a two-time MP as well, and mentor to strongmen like Chaudhury Brahma Perkash and Prem Singh. Even now in the Outer Delhi area he is remembered fondly for the relief work he used to do during the Yamuna floods.

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