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The Great Indian spice story

The Great Indian spice story

 Jun 15, 2017

Indian chilli is the hot favourite around the tables in the world. The export of the chilli from India has grown multiple fold earning us 5070.75 crores last fiscal, in volume terms it is an increase of 15 %. whichmeans an export of 400250 tonnes in 2016-17

Cumin comes second earning 1963.20 crore in value with an import of 1,19000 tonnes in volume. Indian turmeric also has earned flavour at various markets in the world. India has exported 1,16500 tonnes of turmeric to various parts of the world which in money terms comes to Rs.1241 crores

The spices Board has claimed an increase of 12 # in our exports of spices .India ,during the last fiscal has earned Rs.17664.61 crores exporting 947790 tonnes of spices .In rupee terms the growth was nine per cent, says the Spices  board of India. Garlic ,turmeric and chilli have attracted much of the foreign  interest. Nutmeg and mace were also imported from India in a very big way. The export of nutmeg has seen an increase of 25% with an export of 5070 tonnes. Fenel showed big growth during the year registering a129 % increase in volume


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