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The spectre of Dengue fever haunts Kerala

The spectre of Dengue fever haunts Kerala

 Jun 16, 2017

The specter of Dengue virus is haunting Kerala. As the people in the state which boasts of high health care are panicky with hundreds suffering from Dengue fever seek medical care in hospitals all over Kerala, the state government is yet to come out with any effective programme either to cure those affected or for preventive measures. Over a hundred patients are confirmed dead this year owing to contagious diseases among whom the majority suffered from Dengue fever.

Kerala which had earlier caught worldwide attention for the state's public health care lately presents a sickening picture of people mostly sick for one reason or the other, Not only the mosquito borne viral disease Dengue is widespread in the state, but also other ailments like H1N1 cases are also on the increase. Out of the total 100 odd people who died in the state since January last, about 50 persons died of H1N1 while 43 died of Dengue. However there is yet to be any official confirmation of the exact death toll. The state health department has the statistics of only government hospitals while majority of the people approach private hospitals and clinics. Official sources informed that since January this year, 11.26 cases of contagious fever have been registered in the state. The latest figures show that as many as 17,179 people suspected to be infected by Dengue fever had approached hospitals in one day alone. The highest numbers of Dengue cases are in the districts of Thiruvananthapuram and Malappuram. In Kozhikode district, ten thousand odd people have been affected by Dengue in a single panchayath, Koorachundu.

Dengue fever is caused by the bite of Aedes Aegypti mosquito. Only female mosquitos which are active during day could cause the disease. There are four types of Dengue viruses. Symptoms of Dengue fever include high fever with headache, joint and muscle pain, rashes and pain behind the eye. A teaspoon full of stagnant water is enough for this particular mosquito to breed.

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