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From rags to riches and raids

From rags to riches and raids

 Jun 14, 2017

The consultancy contract by the Nagaland Police Department with the controversial police constable turned Malayali business magnate M.K.R.Pillai who owns the multi-crore Sreevalsam Group has been terminated. This follows the unearthing black money allegedly hoarded by him.

A rags to riches story, the meteoric rise of Pillai and his profound influence in official circles is puzzling leading to interesting stories about Pillai's life and career.

That the contract engaging Pillai who hails from Pandalam in Kerala as a consultant to the Nagaland Police's traffic wing was disclosed by the Nagaland Police chief Dungal in Kohima on Wednesday. The decision sets to rest rumors that the Nagaland government was reluctant to proceed against Pillai. Pillai who ,migrated to Nagaland from his home town Pandalam way back in 1970 secured a job there as a police constable. Since then it was giant leap in his career graph. By 2004, he rose to the rank of Additional Superintendent of Police, obviously thanks to the blessings of top politicians and bureaucrats. Significantly Pillai is also the recipient of the President's medal for meritorious service in police.But his batch mates in Nagaland Polic could only rise to the rank of havildar during all these years which led to a whispering campaign against him.  

Only after retiring from service six years back, Pillai got himself directly involved in business. Till then his sons Arun and Varun were running the show. In almost all districts in Kerala, Sreevalsam group had amassed land. Most of the real estate acquisitions were interestingly government lands according to Income Tax Intelligence.These were amassed at throw away prices, even without the knowledge of state revenue department.The IT department has meanwhile frozen Pillai's bank accounts. As chairman of the group he was operating 32 accounts in various banks totaling Rs 2.5 crore. Pillai's family members have around Rs 1.50 crore worth of bank deposits. In Kerala, he owns a score of business ventures. They include shopping complex, textile show rooms, jewellery shops, hotel, money lending firm etc.Besides, the group has massive investment in real estate.

There have been allegations about the political links of Sreevalsam group. The main charge is that the group had enjoyed undue patronage under the previous UDF regime in Kerala. The opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala of the Congress has called for an inquiry into the dubious business deals of Pillai and his group.

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