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Curry flavour to Champions Trophy

Curry flavour to Champions Trophy

 Jun 14, 2017

The Semi Finals of the ICC Champions Trophy is proving to be interesting as the four countries – England and the three sub continental countries gear up to put their best foot forward.

Wherever the game goes, whether Cardiff or Edgbaston, it is largely the people of South Asian origin who have turned up in overwhelming numbers to cheer their team.

Every possibility of an Indo-Pak final and the volatility of the game are keeping the spectators glued to it. India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have been inconsistent in their game while England has impressed by winning all three matches. Yet to predict  a sure winner would be foolish.

Unbeaten England plays a mercurial Pakistan in the first Semi Finals . Eoin Morgan’s cohesive team will strive to claim the elusive Champions Trophy. Ben Stokes the great all rounder, Joe Root the master batsman, Morgan and Buttler are all dependable teammates. Openers Alex Hales and Jaison Roy can be devastating if informed. Pacers Ball and Plunkett have been bowling well. As a unit, England surely is the best team.

Pakistan with Sarfroz Ahmed leading them have a daunting task ahead. Opener FakharZaman who hit 50 of 36 balls against the Srilankans is a man to watch. Pakistan’s pace bowling attack with Mohammed Amir, Junaid Khan and Hasan Ali will be a force to reckon with. They are adept at exploiting helpful seam conditions. The green shirts are in ‘high confidence’ says Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed. This will stand them in good stead as they play at Cardiff.

What if it rains….

In the event of it raining on the day of the Semi Finals, there is no possibility of the matches being postponed. The ICC has kept reserved days only for the Final.

The ICC rules say that the team that topped their respective group will go through in the eventuality of rain washing out the game. This means that England and India, toppers in their separate pools, stand to gain. In the event of the knock out matches ending in a tie, they will have to play a Super Over.

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