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A tale of two Supercops

A tale of two Supercops

Hari S Kartha, Jun 14, 2017

Not the big brother, it is the small brother who is now watching. Under the CPM led LDF regime in Kerala, the small brother is constantly watching the big brother in the state police. The police chief T.P.Sen Kumar who had to seek the supreme court's intervention to be reinstated last month as the Director General of Police now finds it quite embarrassing to work with the second in command, Additional Director General of Police Tomin Thachankary who is behaving as the de-facto chief of state police. As a result, at the fag end of his official term, Sen Kumar is forced to be in a no-holds-barred fight with Tomin Thachankary. What makes matters worse for Sen Kumar is that he is a speck in the eyes of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan while Thachankary is the political boss's blue eyed boy. 

No day passes off at the police headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram without spicy stories on the tussle between the two. Ever since the Chief Minister who directly handles home portfolio being forced by the apex court to swallow the bitter pill of reinstating Sen Kumar sees to it, since then, life in service is made miserable for Kumar. In a nut shell in Kerala Police lately Kumar proposes and Vijayan disposes. Many of the important files are not sent to the police chief. He was even asked by the government to send back his gun man.The other day the DGP had the most humiliating experience when the Chief Secretary to state government, Nalini Netto reportedly refused to travel in the same official vehicle escorting  Vice-President Hamid Anzari when he visited the state capital.Nalini was instrumental in the LDF government denying Sen Kumar the director generalship of police.      

Sen Kumar, however, is in no mood to relent. On the contrary with only a fortnight more to retire from service, he is in a bid to assert himself as the super cop. He has issued instructions that all files should be seen by him. They include the top secret files. There were reports earlier that these files were seen only by Tomin Thachankary. The appointment of Thachankay as Additional DGP at the police headquarters prior to Sen Kumar's reinstatement had been criticised by the Kerala High Court a couple of days back. The court asked wheher Thachankary's posting was to watch Sen Kumar. In the meanwhile there was also a heated exchange of words between the two at the police headquarters. On a formal complaint by Thachankary, the Chief Secretary has called for Sen Kumar's explanation, As days pass by th tussle between the two senior most officers tends to take an uglier turn.  

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