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Dileep ready for brain mapping

Dileep ready for brain mapping

Hari S Kartha, Jun 26, 2017

Dileep~s letter in the facebookEven as Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in the actress abduction case told the police that popular Malayalam film actor Dileep had prior knowledge about the abduction of actress in February last, the police team investigating the sensational case is yet to question Dileep or record his statement. Police has not registered any case despite Dileep's complaint that he was being blackmailed.

Police sources however said that a case could be registered on Dileep's complaint only after preliminary investigation into the matter. The sources disclosed that two persons, Vishnu from Edappalli and Sanal from Pathanamthitta had been arrested on Sunday evening. The sources also added that actor Dilep as well as his friend and director Nadir Shah would be questioned next week.

Dileep has in the meanwhile came out with a face book posting offering himself to be subject to any investigation including brain mapping or narco-analysis to bring out the truth. This is not with the motive of harming any one, he said and added that this was only to prove his innocence. Claiming that he was totally innocent and had nothing to do with abduction of the actress, he alleged a deep rooted conspiracy was on to drag him into the case and thereby tarnish his image in the film industry and among the people. They are after my blood. he stated. Their target is my forthcoming films.

Dileep profoundly thanked fellow actors Salim Kumar and Aju Varghese for their support in the matter. Salim Kumar has, the other day, suggested that the prime accused Pulsar Suni and the actress who was abducted should be forthwith subjected to brain mapping so that the whole truth would come out

Pix: Dileep`s facebook post in Malayalam offerring to undergo brain mapping test.

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