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Black Friday

Black Friday

S. Sivadas , Jun 25, 2017

The eve of Eid celebrations turned into a double tragedy for Pakistan when an oil tanker caught fire and exploded on the outskirts of Bhawalpur, a major town in Punjab, killing 132 people on Friday.
This happened when the tanker overturned and spilled the oil on the road and people ran there to collect the fuel, some in containers. The fire started when someone lit a cigarette and the spill caught fire. Over 80 injured people were rushed to hospital. An estimated 20 children were among the dead.

Meanwhile 50 people were killed in separate bomb attacks across the country, making it one of the bloodiest Fridays in recent times. A suicide car bomber killed 13 people in Quetta and two explosions claimed the lives of 27 people Parachinar, a town in Southern Pakistan. An attack on the police had killed four officers in Karachi the same day.
The Baluchistan Director General of Police Abdul Razzack Cheema said the bomber had detonated a car parked with explosives. A splinter group of the Pakistan Taliban, called Jamaat ur Ahrah has claimed responsibility for the attack. A spokesman of the outfit said that ‘Our attacks will continue until a true Sharia system is established in Pakistan.’
The same evening in two explosions in Parachinar at least 27 people lost their lives.
In the evening, several hundred kilometres to the northeast, two explosions in the town of Parachinar killed at least 27 people and wounded 120, a government official said..

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