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Actress abduction case  : Dileep alleges black mail

Actress abduction case : Dileep alleges black mail

Hari S Kartha, Jun 24, 2017

Malayalam film industry is stinking with sensational stories taking the rounds in connection with the police investigation into the case of abduction of an actress. Super stars of Malayalam cinema and also AMMA, the Malayalam movie actors' association have been tight lipped even as the names of a popular actor is being drawn into the case which is now four months old.

The latest development was on Saturday when a letter reported to have been written from jail to the popular actor Dileep, by the prime accused in abduction case, Pulsar Suni became public. Right from the beginning, there were unconfirmed reports which sought to link Dileep to the case. The letter addressed to Dileep is an SoS by the prime accused Suni. Dileep's immediate help is sought by Suni to help wriggle out of the case. The letter was sent to Dileep by a messenger. It is stated in the letter that the bearer has no knowledge about the case. Dileep however said later that he got a copy of the letter from one of his friends. Suni says in the letter that though his life has been ruined, he has not so far ditched Dileep . But the letter reminds Dileep that he has the duty to save others involved in the case.

Dileep handed over to the police the copy of the letter along with the audio clipping of a telephone call he had earlier received from one Vishnu. The phone call was in a bid to black mail Dilleep. Also there was another phone call to actor and director Nadir shah from one Vishnu who claimed to be Pulsar Suni's fellow jail mate. Nadir Shah told the media on Saturday that the caller informed that the latter was under pressure from a few other actors and actresses in Malayalam film industry to drag Dileep into the case. Money was also offered to drag Dileep. Obviously, according to Nadir Shah, the caller was expecting that he would be bribed for not dragging in Dileep. Nadir Shah was phoned up, being close to Dileep.

Incidentally, on Friday, ADGP B.Sandhya who is investigating the case, took a fresh statement from the actress who while in Kochi ,was abducted on February 17 allegedly by Pulsar Suni and his gang.

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