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Arab nations send Qatar 13 demands to lift sanctions

Arab nations send Qatar 13 demands to lift sanctions

 Jun 24, 2017

The four Arab states boycotting Qatar over alleged support of terrorism have sent Doha a list of 13 demands. They include closure of Al Jazeera television, curbing ties with Iran and shutting a Turkish base and also paying reparations. Qatar is given 10 days to comply with the demands. The conditions were handed over to Qatar authorities by mediator, Kuwait. The demands are so far reaching that it will be difficult for Qatar to comply.

Foreign minister of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman al Thani had earlier said that Qatar would not negotiate with the four states until economic, diplomatic and travel tie cuts were restored.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have sent these demands apparently to dismantle their small but wealthy neighbour’s two decade old “interventionist” policy. Qatar has been accused of funding terrorism, fomenting regional unrest and growing too close to Iran. Qatar outright rejected these accusations.

Pix Courtesy:Al Jazeera

The other conditions are: Snap all links with terror organisations like Al Qaida, IS, Hizabul and Muslim Brotherhood and declare them as terror outfits. Also close down media organisations Arab 21, Razad, Al Araabi Al Jadid, Middle East Eye . Stop financial aid to all individuals and organisations declared as terrorist linked by other nations. Hand over all the terrorists needed by Saudi, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt and seize all their assets. Stop interfering with the internal affairs of other nations. End providing nationalities to terrorists needed in Saudi, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt. Cut off all relations with the opposition in these countries. Compensate for those who lost lives and properties due to Qatar’s policies. Allow monthly inspections by observers after acceptance of the terms. Abide by all agreements and treaties by other Gulf-Arab nations relating to Military, Economic, Political and Social affairs.

The demands indicate the toughening stand of the four nations to its affluent neighbour. Meanwhile America appears to be softening its stand towards Qatar. President Trump who described Qatar a “funder of terrorism at high level” a few days ago seems to have revised his opinion when he said that Qatar row is a family issue on Friday.

Though Qatar has not immediately reacted ,it is not likely to positively respond given the tough nature of the demands.


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