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Taxing times...

Taxing times...

 Jun 23, 2017

Finally the Chembanoda village office In Kozhikode ,Kerala ,has accepted the land tax of the farmer  K J Thomas aka  Joy .He has hung himselfin the grill of the village office  protesting against the officials who refused permission to accept the land tax .The land was in the  name of his wife Molly Thomas.  It was accepted after the district collector of Kozhikode U.V.Jose  had clarified that there was no bar   to  accept the  land tax. On Friday ,the  brother of Thomas, paid the tax on behalf of Molly Thomas ,wife of K.J .Thomas .

Two officials including the village officer has been suspended for the inhuman treatment of the farmer.  A probe also has been ordered at the revenue secretary level by the government .Since the issue is a complex one, the government is waiting for the report, says Pinarayi Vijayan, chief minister of Kerala .

   K  .J  Thomas, who committed suicide in the village office, had been trying to pay the land tax of the 80 cent land belonging to his wife Molly Thomas. The village office did not allow him to pay the tax as they claimed there were complaints against it. There were no clarity on the possession of the land by Molly Thomas, claimed the village officials   After the family staged protest last year ,the tax was accepted .But this year it was not allowed.

As tax receipt is mandatory for availing loans .Thomas tried in vain for the same but was send empty handed. He had  threatened to commit suicide in a letter to the village officer .Despite this , no action was taken and so the suicide.

The suicide has created a storm in the village and the dead body was allowed for postmortem only after the district collector himself came to the site. The collector instructed the Koyilandi   thaasildar to accept the tax. The collector also would write to the government to write off  the loans of Thomas  to the tune of Rs. Ten lakhs  and to give a job for Thomas`s daughter.



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