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Cartosat 2 placed in the orbit

Cartosat 2 placed in the orbit

 Jun 23, 2017

Indian space research organization (ISRO) has launched on Friday PSLV C-38 carrying 31 satellites from the Sathish Dhawan launching centre (SHAR) in Sreeharikotta.  It carries 29 foreign satellites apart from two Indian satellites. It is the 40th flight of PSLV and weighs 955 kilo grams  

PSLV C 38 carrying the main pay load Cartosat weighing  712 Kgs and NIUSAT , an academic satellite from Noorul islam University, Kanyamkumari  along with other satellites  lifted off from the launch pad at 9.29 am and successfully placed the satellites in the orbit. The final injection of the satellite happened after 23 minutes .

The Cartosat series 2 is a remote sensing satellite. Other satellites are from 14 other nations including  Austria, Belgium, Chile, The Czeck  Republic,Finland,France,Germany,Italy,Japan,Latvia,Lithuania,Slovekia,United Kingdom  and  USA

Cartosat would be used for remote sensing, land use ,coastal regulation, road network mapping and others.

“PSLV is emerging as a reliable launch vehicle”, ISRO chairman, Kiran kumar, said after the launch .   For lower orbits ,  the vehicle would have good demand”, he claimed. With the launch ISRO has achieved the ability to launch several satellites at several orbits, said mission director B. Jayakumar

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