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Yuva Morcha leader arrested in fake note printing case

 Jun 23, 2017

Yuva Morcha leader, Erasserri Rakesh, was arrested for possessing fake notes of Rs.2,000,500,50 and 20 in Kodugalloor, Trissur, Kerala.  The police also found a high tech colour printer, high quality paper and notes strewn in a room in his house.

K. Radhakrishnan, Secretary of the Trissur District CPIM, has demanded a high level probe into the case to find out the involvement, if any, of senior BJP leaders in the case.

When the Mathilakam police raided the house of Yuva Morcha leader Eraaserri Rakesh in Kodungallor in Thrissur district of Kerala under Operation Kubera probing the economic offences and illicit money transactions of loan sharks , little did they realize that they were unearthing  a big counterfeit currency printing racket in the state. The police searched his house in the coastal town of Kodungalloor and got hold of two title deeds illegally held by him. But when they opened up another room in his two storey house, what they saw was shocking. Counterfeit currency notes of Rs 2000,500,50,20  denomination were found strewn all over the room. There was also a high tech printer, scanner and a lap top. Currency notes were printed in an A4 size paper, many of which were not even cut into the required format. The police have seized counterfeit notes worth Rs.1,37,000 from his house. He has used costly paper to print the notes.

 Rakesh had been in the Gulf for four years and had returned to Kerala sometime ago. Later he had been working in a company in Kozhikode. A graduate in Economics, he has been an expert in computer operations. He had claimed to be working in the government service but nobody knows of his exact whereabouts.

Two years ago he joined BJP and has been very active in the organization. His brother is secretary of OBC Morcha Mandalam committee.

He took the land deed of a property from the neighbour two years ago on the pretext of getting a loan for the title holder but and gave back a duplicate one. A 2000 counterfeit note was used by him in a neighboring petrol bunk but it was returned by the bunk saying it was a fake one. He appears to have used fake notes to buy lotteries and in Bars.

The arrest of Rakesh has shocked the local community and political parties alike. CPI ( M) district secretary K Radhakrishnan has asked for a thorough probe into the role of BJP leaders in the case. Congress has also demanded a high level enquiry and the leader be charged under UAPA.  


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