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Kovind files his papers

Kovind files his papers

S. Sivadas, Jun 23, 2017

The NDA’ nominee for the post of President, Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, filed his nomination papers today accompanied by the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, and the BJP president, Mr. Amit Shah. The chiefs of some of the allies were also present at the function to show their solidarity and affirm their support.
The Telangana  and Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers, whose Telugu Desam and All India Anna DMK parties are not in the NDA alliance, senior leaders of the partyn, union cabinet ministers and chief ministers of BJP ruled states were also present in this show of solidarity. With the numbers very much stacked  in their favour the ruling alliance can rest assured of a comfortable victory.
The Opposition alliance UPA had yesterday announced the candidature of  Meira Kumar for the post, in an effort to pitch a Dalit candidate, and that too one who comes from Bihar to break the Mahagadbandhan (the grand alliance) combine and to create confusion in the ranks of JDU and Nitish Kumar’s equations.
 But the numbers point to a smooth passage for Mr. Kovind to the Rashtrapati Bhavan. With over 48 per cent of the votes in the electoral college with the NDA and the promise of support by regional parties like the AIADMK, TRS and the JDU in his favour, his election should be a foregone conclusion. One source close to the BJP has even predicted that  Kovind is guaranteed to get 61 per cent of the votes.
Pollsters have already assumed  that  Kovind’s comfortable victory is a certainty. The election is scheduled for July 17 and the counting of votes would take place on July 20. The term of the President,  Pranab Mukherjee, ends on July 24.

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