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Again to foreign lands...

Again to foreign lands...

 Jun 14, 2017

Just as things are heating up, with the farmers’ agitation in Madhya Pradesh and the Presidential elections approaching, the main opposition party, one thought, would have been going full blast to cash in on these crises. But the Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi, has decided to visit his ailing grandmother abroad. He tweeted; ‘will be traveling to meet my grandmother and family for a few days. Looking forward to spending some time with them.’

While he has been attacked by detractors for his frequent foreign jaunts and inability to sustain any agitation despite his courting arrest at Mandsaur, a party spokesman said that Rahul Gandhi would be continually monitoring the situation. ‘Whichever part of the world Rahul Gandhi is, he will continue to monitor the situation and lead the agitation.’

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