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Heritage Police

Heritage Police

 Jun 22, 2017

A police station in Kerala's state capital Thiruvanathapuram has proved unique by taking up a novel role. Never in the past any police anywhere has taken up such a role, is the Thampanoor police station, situated right in front of the Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station therefore finding a place in history.

Travancore History says that at Valiayasala, which is under the jurisdiction of Thampanoor police station, there was a great vedic university when Cholas and Cheras ruled the erstwhile Travancore. The university which was akin to Nalanda and Takshasila was then known all over the world as Kanthalloor sala. It is said that the place name Valiyasala is also linked to the ancient university. Valiyasala means great university.

Now Thampanoor police has taken up the task of educating and enlightening the new generation on the rich heritage of Valiyasala. Already studies and research have been initiated by the police on the history of the ancient Kanthalloor university. The help and advice of historians and state archeological department is being sought for the purpose. Valiyasala has been declared a heritage zone.

A proposal to set up a study centre at Valiyasala is under active consideration. Preliminary studies conducted confirm reports that a university existed here in ancient times. Also excavations, if required with the help of archeological department, will be conducted in the area according to Circle Inspector of Police, Thampanoor Prithviraj.

At the place where the Kanthalloor Sala is believed to have existed, there is no trace of any university or educational institution. However the Kanthalloor Mahadeva Temple which is now under the Travancore  Devaswom  Board is reportedly linked to the erstwhile vedic university. The ancient temple with two flagmasts (kodimaraam) and a vast compound was part of the university complex, it is believed.

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