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Hospital tells patients to bring Table fans

 Jun 22, 2017

According to reports , most District Hospitals in UP do not have Burns Ward and those that do, hardly meet  standard parameters. A burn care facility of Bareilly District Hospital directed patients to bring table fans as the air conditioner in the 15 bed unit has been out of order for several days. The patients, many of them having more than 50% burns have been living in great discomfort owing to the suffocating heat.

Elaborate guidelines have been given by the Medical Council of India (MCI) for the construction of burns units in hospital. One of the guidelines for the   Burns unit is that the temperature should be maintained between 20-24 degree C .

The failure to get the AC repaired on time exposed the patients to possible infection as the doors and windows had to be kept open for ventilation. When asked, the Chief Medical Superintendent of the hospital, K.S.Gupta said,”I was not informed that the Air conditioner was not working . I will get it repaired at the earliest.”  

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