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CBSE  plan to advance Board exams

CBSE  plan to advance Board exams

 Jun 22, 2017

The  CBSE plans to advance the Board examinations to February 2018 is not welcomed by all.

Kendriya  Vidyalaya  Sangathan (KVS)  which has around 1200 schools across the country is unhappy. This is so because the children in its schools in the Himalayan areas will find it extremely difficult to take the exams in February. Private schools say a total systemic change is necessary to bring about such a shift. More time is needed. They hope that the CBSE will implement the new calendar only in 2019.

R.K.Chathurvedi, CBSE Chairperson , assured everybody that all their concerns would be addressed .He was of the opinion that the advancement of date is a necessity for the reforms in the evaluation process to take place. The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination already follows February-March format.

Currently  CBSE completes the whole process of evaluation, tabulation and data verification in about 25 days .Under the proposed plan CBSE is keeping one month for evaluation (march 15th –april 15th ) and another 20 days for tabulation and data verification. It is also planning to conduct annual training sessions for evaluators to sensitize them about the evaluation guidelines.

CBSE is planning this major overhauling after  the mistakes in the results  this year which brought them much criticism .

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