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Presidential prospects

Presidential prospects

S. Shivadas, Jun 21, 2017

With the Janata Dal (United) also deciding to support the NDA candidate for president, Ram Nath Kovind, the efforts of the ruling party managers seem to bearing fruit. They have already sowed the seeds of dissension in the Mahagadbandhan ranks and made the oppositions’ efforts at forging a united front to face this challenge weaker.

The Bihar Chief Minister  Nitish Kumar, has already revealed his mind and is reported to have sounded the Congress President, Sonia Gandhi, of how good a Governor  Kovind, has been and how easy it was to work with him. Such a testimonial can hardly be music to her ears.

Coming at a time when the UPA allies have not been able to find a suitable candidate who can provide a tough fight, this must gladden  Amit Shah’s heart.
The Shiv Sena, another NDA partner, had also finally decided to support the official nominee and that should also make the task of the ruling party all the more easier. None of these assurances and gestures can be taken for granted and last-minute changes are possible, if past experience is any guide. After all Nitish Kumar, though part of the NDA combine had voted for Pranab Mukerjee in the last presidential elections.
But with each day, it would, seem the task of the Congress-led combine’s position seems to be getting more and more uphill.

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