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Waive the loan or  starve the farmer?

Waive the loan or starve the farmer?

 Jun 14, 2017

The neglect of the  farmers and their woes are not new in independent  India but in the present day when high decibel voices are heard on the increase of GDP, farmers issues are quite forgotten. Farmers issue got highlighted during the recent Uttar Pradesh elections where the BJP promised loan waiver to the farmers. The Yogi Adithyanath government  of BJP which came into power  in Uttar Pradesh kept it promise of the loan waiver but in the process it has opened up  Pandora’s box revealing the sate of our agriculture and its custodians the farmers who were forced to beg for money and forced to commit suicide driven by loan sharks. if it was the turn of Tamil Nadu farmers first to protest in various ways like drinking urine and eat mouse in Jantar  Mantar In Delhi , the farmers in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh resorted to agitations which even paralyzed the governments. In order to appease the farmers hell bend upon the struggle the Maharashtra government come up with loan waivers  and Madhya Pradesh may follow suit triggering worries on the high cost it would make on th e economy. Already Arun Jaitley ,the finance mister has warned of not financing such financial irregularities and said that it wont be at the  cost of centre

 While the issue is taking political overtones ,the farmers are left high and dry. In Madhya Pradesh .the agitating farmers were fired on killing five which resulted in a natioanl outcry against it .in Maharashtra r the agitation was called off only after assurances were met with .Madhya Pradesh also would be forced to enact a truce ,at least  a piece meal one.

The government`s reluctance to address the problems of the farmers are more than financial. It requires an overhaul of the system to penetrate to the lower level with new policies on agriculture. M S Swaminathan commission  asks the government not to effect loan waiver as it would affect the farmers badly in future and insists on strengthening the spend on agriculture. But farmers who has seen low prices for their  produce or no takers for it are unable to pay their lenders or to invest new .The flow of money required for a sound financial system in the rural area is missing and that is where the role of government comes in: to assure cash flows and allow a neat mechanism to give a real price to the produce. Agriculture contribute a far  less share to the economy and the the planners are not quite enamoured of the sector.

But the real cost for the ruling BJP  may be a t the electoral front. Alraedy Karnataka and Gujarat are going to face the electorate. Opposition may cry foul over the issue amid signs of protest being taken over by the Indian National  Congress(INC) and other parties are seen. With the centre distancing itself from the financial commitment the states have to bear, the BJP  governments are facing a tough time.To  wriggle out of it is a time consuming process with alarming consequences  


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