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IISER course  to begin at Maharaja `s College, Kochi

IISER course to begin at Maharaja `s College, Kochi

 Jun 21, 2017

The autonomous Maharaja`s College , Kochi will be starting a B.Sc course in tandem with The Indian Institute Of Science Education and Research (IISER) , Pune. This will provide students interested in pure sciences a valuable degree as the course laid equal importance on physics ,chemistry ,biology and mathematics in the first two years. In the final year they can opt for which ever specialization they desire. Botany and zoology will fall under biology and will not be separate courses.

This proposal from the reputed institute in Pune comes after identifying that many Keralites wish to pursue courses in pure science. They have identified that Keralites form half of the student population in IISERs across the country. Head of the department of physics , Maharajas college, Dr. N.Shaji said that he had learned that CMS college , Kottayam had also been contacted. He added that the academic council and the governing council have in principle approved of the proposal. Government consent is awaited. They are also awaiting Rs. 30crore from the government under KIIFB after being granted Centre of Excellence status along with four other colleges in the state. Further, the laboratory and hostel facilities will also have to be augmented.

The University of Melbourne has evinced interest in helping Maharajas to plan the syllabus of the course. Accreditation for the course has also been by both IISERS and University of Melbourne if the standards set by them are met. Students passing the course can look forward for post graduation studies with Melbourne University. IISER, which is offering only BS-MS combined course, has avenues for research after  PG.

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