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Karnan to be taken to Kolkata

Karnan to be taken to Kolkata

 Jun 20, 2017

A team of West Bengal Police traced former high court judge, Justice Karnan, to Coimbatore on Tuesday. He is being brought back to Kolkata where he will serve out his jail term of six months.

Karnan has been arrested six weeks after he was convicted by the Supreme Court for contempt of court. The Bengal cops had been shuttling between Kochi, Coimbatore and Chennai trying to track him down. He had left Kolkata on May 9th, a little after the unprecedented SC verdict against a serving high court judge. Justice Karnan was a Madras High Court judge who had run-ins with the Chief Justice and fellow judges before he was transferred to the Kolkata High Court. On May 9th he was served the sentence of six months imprisonment by a seven member Supreme Court bench.

The team that arrested Karnan was led by Director General [Home Guards] Raj Kanojia and five others, assisted by a team Tamil Nadu crime branch. Karnan was apprehended from a guest house of a private college in Madukarai near Coimbatore. Officials say Karnan reached Coimbatore from Kochi on Monday after shuttling between locations. Three police teams have been tracking him to and fro. Karnan was allegedly staying at a resort Lake Symphony on the banks of the Vembanad. Hari, the manager of the resort said that three Tamil Nadu natives had come on June 11 and stayed there for 3 days and left on Wednesday. The guests always ordered food to the room and one of the guests never left the room during their stay. The room had been booked in the name of A.M. Raj from Chennai.

Karnan was finally arrested by tracing his mobile phone signals to Madukkarai. He will now be taken at the earliest to Kolkata where he will be put in jail.

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