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Kumble steps down

Kumble steps down

 Jun 20, 2017

There have been rumblings of discord between the skipper and the coach of the Indian team for a while now. Kumble’s resignation at the end of his contract by refusing any further extension seems a natural outcome. Kumble is a professional who has been an excellent coach to the team and has an unblemished cricketing career behind him. The loss is to the Indian team as it comes on the eve of their West Indies tour.

Virat Kohli has never been happy about Kumble’s appointment as coach. However he cannot be blamed squarely as it is not clear whether it was dissension or defeat that precipitated this move.

Among the names being touted for a successor, Virender Sehwag’s comes first. Though he has only two years of experience as coach, he shares a good rapport with Virat Kohli. A section in the BCCI feels that Ravi Shastri should be brought back. Other names doing the rounds are those of Tom Moody, Lalchand Rajput and Richard Pybus.

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