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Indira continues to fight for her husband, Atlas Ramachandran

Indira continues to fight for her husband, Atlas Ramachandran

 Jun 20, 2017

Indira Ramachandran continues to fight for the release of her husband, jailed businessman M M Ramachandran popularly known as Atlas Ramachandran. The 75 year old Gold mogul was arrested in Dubai in August 2015 for cases owing to bounced cheques. In her first ever open interview to Khaleej Times, she has expressed her fear for her husband’s ailing condition. “His health is fast deteriorating. Last week he was taken on a wheelchair to the hospital ... I too have health issues. I feel lonely and helpless”

Ramachandran’s daughter and son in law were also arrested for financial issues. The business tycoon’s wife said that she has been knocking on the doors of all banks and hopes that at least a few of them would sign the standstill agreement so that Ramachandran can be released. 


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