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In search of Aaya Rams and Gaya Rams

In search of Aaya Rams and Gaya Rams

 May 16, 2018

In Bangalore the search for Aaya Rams and Gaya Rams among the elected representatives to the Karnataka Assembly is at a feverish pitch.  BJP leaders are looking for such elected leaders to manage majority and Congress-JDS camp is looking for such persons in the BJP camp to fill the losses which BJP may inflict.

No less a person than Congress-JDS CM nominee, Kumarswamy said that MLAs are offered Rs.100 crore and ministership.  If disqualified, BJP will nominate him or her for the by-election and help in retaining the membership of the assembly.  It is no secret that the leaders of the two political groups are engaged in the game and there is no dearth of cash on both sides. The only problem is that even such lucrative offers are not tempting many.  But there are Lingayats in the Congress-JSS camp and Vokkaligas in BJP camp who may be tempted for caste reasons, so goes the Bangalore gossip.

BJP requires 8 more elected MLAs to manage majority.  But being careful of not violating the provisions of the Anti Defection law provisions, the BJP is looking for 15 elected persons.  These 12 elected MLAs from the INC-JDS camp, two independents and one BSP elected MLA. It plans 12 Congress-JDS MLAs to abstain from voting or resign by which the effective strength of the house will be reduced to 210, which would mean 106 MLAs elected supporting Yeddyurappa will provide majority.  With three more – two independents and one BSP – even the operational requirement of Speaker, Dy. Speaker will be taken care of. The 12 MLAs who resign will be nominated by the BJP in the by-elections. This strategy was tried out in Karnataka in the past. This is a safe strategy to win over without violating the provisions of anti defection law.

Both the Congress-JDS and BJP camps are leaving nothing to chance, to provide security to the elected leaders and keeping them incommunicado.  Both are planning to move them to safe resorts within their control. Both the camps know that it is not easy these days to win.

However in the sixties defections were not difficult and depending on the terms of offer there were many willing to shift camps and change masters.  In 1967 when a Haryana legislator, Gaya Lal changed loyalties thrice in 15 days and joined the Congress from the opposition he was brought to a press conference by Rao Birendra Singh, a Congress leader who said that Gaya Ram has become Aaya Ram.  One should be careful these days. Using the name of Ram so lightly may anger the Parivar members, perhaps.

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