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Governor to decide according to legal advice

Governor to decide according to legal advice

 May 16, 2018

Karnataka Governor, Vajubhai Vala, has informed Congress-JDS delegation led by G.D. Kumaraswamy of JDS and Parameshwara, President of the KPCC that he will take a decision on the basis of the legal advice given to him.

During the meeting with the Governor Kumaraswamy handed over a letter containing the names of 117 MLAs extending support to him.  Vajubhai also assured that he will act according to the Constitutional provisions and that he is following hourly developments closely.

The delegation had difficulty in meeting the Governor earlier. However after initial hesitation, Vajubhai agreed to meet the delegation but not the entire elected MLAs of Congress-JDS alliance waiting outside the Raj Bhavan on Wednesday evening.

BJP Legislature party leader and CM nominee, Yeddyurappa is expected to meet the Governor at 6.00.  Yeddyurappa had met the Governor earlier in the day also when he handed over a list of 104 elected BJP candidates whose support he enjoys

Earlier it was high drama in Raj Bhavan, Bangalore.  Kumaraswamy with his 38 elected candidates and senior leaders of the JDS were already in Raj Bhavan. Congress leaders with 74 elected candidates arrived in a bus from KPCC headquarters. Another two elected candidates of the Congress reached by car according to party sources.

Congress-JDS leaders are agitated that in spite of their post electoral alliance enjoying majority in the state assembly they are not being invited by the Governor to form the ministry. Only ten elected MLAs from Congress and JDS are allowed entry into Raj Bhavan to meet the Governor. The new formed alliance leaders are credited with the plan of sitting in dharna in front of Raj Bhavan if they do not get satisfactory assurance from the Governor.

Meanwhile the Governor has given an appointment to Yeddyurappa at 6.00 in the evening.  The apprehension is that the Governor may invite him to form the government and prove majority shortly.  That will be advantageous to Yeddyurappa as some elected in the opposite camp may be tempted with ministership and shift to the saffron camp.  

At the moment the elected MLAs of Congress-JDS camp are waiting outside the Raj Bhavan.  Even senior leaders like Verappa Moily are waiting outside.

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