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Ballot papers should be used for elections in the country: Patil

Ballot papers should be used for elections in the country: Patil

 May 16, 2018

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) state president Jayant Patil has said that ballot papers should be used for elections in the country instead of the EVMs. Patil, said this while interacting with the media.

Replying to a question on the results of the Karnataka elections, he said that even in the developed countries paper ballots are used in the elections, then why not in India, he questioned.

The Election Commission should also insist for the EVMs he said. He had visited Karnataka during the elections, Patil said, and found that all was well with the existing government. Even the common man and the farmers were satisfied with it. The Congress was doing well there, the result came as a big surprise.

The BJP wave has receded and hence the NCP and Congress has come together to contest the elections.

Even in Thane city, just like Mumbra-Kalwa, both the parties are making every effort to establish their presence, he said. The NCP and Congress have enrolled maximum voters for the graduates constituency polls.

At Palghar, the BJP was not willing to give the ticket to Srinivas, son of the late sitting MP Chintaman Wanaga. Congress Rajendra Gavit had also betrayed the party and switched over to the BJP. Hence it is clear that the Congress nominee Damoo Shingada will win the elections, he opined. (UNI)

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