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IPFT steps back from violence after Tripura CM’s warning

IPFT steps back from violence after Tripura CM’s warning

 May 16, 2018

With the warning of Chief Minister to scrap the relation with BJP’s ally in Tripura government, the agitating cadres Indigenous Peoples’ Front of Tripura (IPFT) stepped back from their movement demanding posts of Chairman of Block Advisory Committee (BAC) in 41 rural development blocks out of 56.

The IPFT has withdrawn the blockade of national highway and administrative offices in 19 places yesterday evening after Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb warned IPFT president and his cabinet colleague N C Debbarma to scrap the relation with them and remove them from the government unless violence stopped.

Debbarma, holding the portfolio of Revenue minister in Deb’s cabinet held meeting with IPFT general secretary Mevar Kr Jamatia also the minister of Tribal Welfare and forest followed by discussion with the senior party leaders regarding the message of Chief Minister.

Debbarma however, told media today that being the Chief Minister, holding the portfolio of home the stand of Deb is correct because BJP-IPFT government was voted to power by the people of Tripura to establish rule of law, ensure high speed development and good governance but the recent spate of violence and protest under the banner of IPFT was unintended for the government.

“I, as the president of IPFT feel the workers were unhappy when deputy chief minister announced the names of 27 BAC chairmen last week where IPFT representation was not adequate. The tension brewed up among the party workers, as their aspiration was not full filled. At least it was expected that in 41 blocks where IPFT has strong hold, BAC chairman will be from the party,” Debbarma said.

He further stated that IPFT central committee meeting is convened today to discuss the issue in details and the party will come out with an amicable solution of the tension. The nomination of BAC chairman is not the only issue, which enraged IPFT rank and file. There might be some other issues and differences among the workers of two parties, which of course would be sorted out, Debbarma added.

Ruling out the possibility of scraping alliance with BJP, Debbarma said, “IPFT is committed to strengthen the alliance further and there is no such scope to come out from the government. We have joined in the alliance to end up the sufferings of tribal, which meted out by left front government in last 25 yrs. Unless IPFT remain in the government how can it be possible to pursue the development agenda of the community.”

He also stated that IPFT has been persuading it’s political agenda within the framework constitution and there is absolutely no problem to raise the demand democratically for better development and it would never hit the alliance with BJP. (UNI)

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