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Ayodhya dispute: Appeal to desist from pre-judgement

Ayodhya dispute: Appeal to desist from pre-judgement

 May 16, 2018

Appearing for one of the Muslim parties, senior counsel Rajeev Dhavan, on Tuesday submitted before the Supreme Court that all sides refrain from inciting public by making comments on this case.

The Muslim side has exercised complete restraint unlike the other parties, he alleged before the apex court in his submissions today.

Mr Dhavan said, "what is impermissible is pre-judgment" when the case is being argued at the preliminary stage of whether it requires to be referred to a five-judge bench.

"What I will caution all of us is that exercise self restraint and don't muddy the waters. We (the Muslim parties to the case) have exercised complete self restraint."

Referring to submissions by some counsel for Hindu parties in the Supreme Court about archeological evidence, Mr Dhavan said: "there is no need to debate this aspect now as the merits of the case will be argued only after the ruling on whether to refer it to a five-judge bench."

Contending that a five-judge Supreme Court bench went wrong in ruling that mosque is not essential for prayers, Mr Dhavan touched on the recent controversy about Muslims praying in open in Gurugram and the Haryana dispensation asserting they should offer namaz only in mosques.

Arguments will continue on Thursday. (UNI)

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