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Karnataka elections: Yeddyurappa wins, Sidda out

Karnataka elections: Yeddyurappa wins, Sidda out

 May 15, 2018

CM Siddaramaiah has stepped down after the election results. The Congress has won 78 seats while the BJP has won 104. Neither party has a majority and is pinning their hopes on the JDS which is the king maker as of now . The JDS has won 38 seats and is in a comfortable position to call the shots.  However JDS has already decided on a coalition with the Congress in which Kumaraswamy will be the chief minister and a nominee of the Congress as deputy chief minister. The Congress-JDS alliance enjoys majority in the new assembly.

When reports last came in Kumaraswamy had sought an appointment with the Karnataka Governor this evening, as his party has chosen to go with the INC.

Earlier, Yeddyurappa addressed the press and thanked the lakhs of ‘karyakartas ‘of his party for their support and good work. He said that the people’s mandate was for the BJP and it was the single largest party in these elections. He also mentioned that the Congress was trying to come back to power through back door politics. People had voted against the ‘misrule’ of the Congress he said. Siddaramaiah has suffered ‘pitiful loss’ he added. He went on to say that the BJP would not allow the Congress to ‘usurp’ the mandate as the people of Karnataka have rejected the Congress.

It will be interesting to watch how BJP attempts to get the necessary number as it looks determined to form the government in Karnataka. Can they lure 7 people to their side, only time will tell.

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