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All eyes on Raj Bhavan, Whom will Governor invite?

All eyes on Raj Bhavan, Whom will Governor invite?

 May 15, 2018

With BJP not in a position to get absolute majority all eyes are on Raj Bhavan, Karnataka.  As per the last reports BJP is unlikely to get absolute majority in the Karnataka assembly. This makes the position of the Governor of the state governor crucial.  

Who to invite is the question.  With the Congress moving swiftly and deciding to back Kumaraswamy, son of Deve Gowda as chief minister, the political situation warmed up in the salubrious Bangalore climate. BJP which was relaxing with the hope of chief ministership in its pocket and confident of the rule of next of five years was taken by ssurprise at the move.  In fact, Congress leaders were in touch with Janata Dal S supremo, Deve Gowda for the last two days. Then Gowda was even willing to accept Deputy chief ministership as he was expecting to win less than thirty seats.

But the clever move of the Congress which has 77 seats in its pocket, chose to support Kumaraswamy with 28 seats and there was perfect bonhomie between the two leaders. The understanding became easy.  Gowda wanted Congress to nominate a deputy chief minister and agreed that Congress can have majority in the cabinet.

Caught unawares the BJP decided to send three senior ministers to Bengaluru and take control of the situation.  Yedyurappa has already started looking for support from JDS winning candidates of northern Karnataka. Yes, horse trading can begin now.

What will Governor, Vajubhai Vala, a confidante of Modi, will do now is the question.  He has to choose between BJP, which is the single largest party and Congress pus JDS which has a strength of 115 in the assembly and possible 3 independents.  There are arguments in favour of both. However when a leader of majority support in the assembly stakes claims it is not easy to reject his claim. But he has tremendous pressure.

Whom will governor invite?

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