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“Mom invited Uncle,” says minor victim

“Mom invited Uncle,” says minor victim

 May 15, 2018

The 9 year old victim in all innocence told the Counsellor of Child Welfare Samiti[CWS] that it was her mother who had phoned and invited ‘Uncle’ to the theatre. The minor girl had been sexually assaulted in a theatre at Edapal and the assaulter arrested after the video went public on a television channel. She has been looked after in a Nirbhaya home since the incident.

Looking at the young girl’s face Advocate Kavitha Shankar wondered how anyone could possibly treat her so cruelly. She is so young and innocent that she does not even understand the import of what she has been exposed to and that only increases the seriousness of the crime.

The victim narrated the whole day’s incidents to the Counsellor. She said that the ‘Uncle ‘used to come to their house frequently. This statement is in contradiction to what her mother had told the police - that the girl was seeing the businessman for the first time. The minor girl mentioned all the ways by which the man had troubled her while in the theatre. She said he had held her arm so tightly that it hurt her and when she tried to brush his hands off, he strengthened his hold on her. The video clearly shows him touching the girl inappropriately during the over 2 hour period.

According to details given by the victim, the CWS has demanded that POCSO 5 M be charged on the assaulter businessman. As of now POCSO 6 and 9 have been charged but these may help the assaulter get away lightly, so the case needs to be dealt with strongly if the offender is to get punished.

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