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Kerala boys & Tamil Nadu girls basket titles

Kerala boys & Tamil Nadu girls basket titles

 May 15, 2018

Kerala boys and Tamil Nadu girls were crowned champions of the 69th Junior National Basketball Championship for Men and Women at the Ludhiana Basketball Academy, Guru Nanak Stadium, Ludhiana here on Monday.

Kerala men defeated Rajasthan in an extremely heated up final match by 108-101, 22-28, 27-24, 28-22, 31-27.

It was an equally matched competition in the first half and Rajasthan were looking like the favourites as they have already defeated Kerala once in the group stage but the way Kerala played against the undefeated Punjab team in the semi-finals showed a glimpse of what they were capable of.

Tamil Nadu women wont first finals of the day beating Kerala by 77-58, 21-10, 24-20, 22-14, 10-14. It was expected to be a much more competitive face off, but TN girls took a good lead in the first half of the final game and continued to dominate throughout the game.

Rajeev Singh from Rajasthan and Vaishnavi Yadav from UP were awarded as the Most Valuable Player in their respective sections.

Vaishnavi Yadav retained her excellent form scoring 53 points after an average performance in the semi-finals to help Uttar Pradesh women finish in the 3rd position.

Punjab men secured the 3rd position beating Delhi after a disappointing semi-finals loss last night against Kerala. (UNI)

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