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Actor Mohanlal croons a song for his wife on their 30th wedding anniversary

Actor Mohanlal croons a song for his wife on their 30th wedding anniversary

 May 15, 2018

Mollywood’s superstar actor Mohanlal sings for his wife Suchithra on their 30th wedding anniversary celebration. The actor was seen singing the evergreen hit number ‘Chandanathil Kadannedathoru sundari shilpam.’

The couple had tied the knot on April 28th, 1988; the actor had married Suchithra, the daughter of Tamil film producer and Actor K.Balaji. They have two children together, Pranav and Vismaya. His son Pranav has made his debut in Malayalam films following his father’s footsteps.

The video of ‘Lalettan’ singing has been trending on YouTube much to the excitement of the fans. Mohanlal is seen accompanied by Charles Anthony who is seen playing the guitar.

The actor, apart from his brilliant theatrical skills on screen is well accomplished for his singing skills as well. Some of the songs sung by the actor over the tenure of his career are, ‘Neeyarinjo’ in Kandu Kandarinju, ‘Sindhoora Megham’ in Onnanam Kunnil Oradi Kunnil, ‘Kaadumi Naadumellam’ in Chithram, ‘Peppara Pera Pera’ in Olympian Anthony Adam, ‘Naathoone Naathoone’ in Oru Naal Varum ,’Malayattoor Malayum’ in Puli Murugan and ‘Attu manal payayil’ in Run Baby Run to name a few.

The actor has been quite busy career wise because of his involvement in a number of acting assignments.

‘Odiyan’, ‘Neerali’ and ‘Kayamkulam kochunni’ are the three films lined up for release this year.


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