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Bengal Panchayat polls: Ten killed in violence

Bengal Panchayat polls: Ten killed in violence

 May 14, 2018

Even as vandalism coupled with loss of life continued unabated during West Bengal Panchayat elections, 72 per cent turnout was recorded till 5 pm on Monday. Reports of violence such as bomb attack, booth capture, Electronic Voting Machines setting on fire and attacks on media were reported from at least eight districts.

People continued losing their lives, be it during run-up to the Panchayat elections or during polling. At least ten people, including an Independent candidate in Murshidabad's Nawda, lost their lives in poll-related violence.

The leader was shot dead by unidentified miscreants. In an another incident, two CPI(M) workers succumbed to injuries after being shot at. The victims were identified as Jogeshwar Ghosh and Apu Manna.

The BJP and CPI(M) accused the ruling Trinamool Congress of allowing the violence to spread across the state. Incidents of booth capturing, allegedly by TMC workers, also came to light. Clashes were reported between TMC and Congress supporters in Murshidabad district. Unidentified armed miscreants looted ballot boxes at gunpoint in booth number 44, 45 and 45K in Murshidabad.

Booths in North Dinajpur’s Sonadangi came under attack, allegedly by TMC workers.Vehicles were damaged in Raniganj area of Asansol while voting was underway in the state. In South 24 Parnagas’ Bhangar, the ‘Jomi, Jibika, Bastutantra O Poribesh Raksha Committee’ accused armed miscreants of Trinamool Congress of kidnapping their Panchayat Samiti candidate Sariful Mullick and terrorising the voters.

A media vehicle was damaged in clashes in Bhangar. Police had to use teargas to control the mob. There were reports from firing in the area. A Trinamool Congress worker was beaten to death in Shantipur, Nadia district. Another worker of the party was killed in South 24 Parganas.

One person died in Murshidabad and another in North 24 Parganas as well. Twenty people were injured in a low-intensity blast at a polling station at Shuktabari in north Bengal's Coochbehar district. (UNI)

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