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Puthu Vypeen –another storm brewing for Pinarayi government

Hari S Kartha, Jun 20, 2017


Kerala's CPM Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan who himself handles home portfolio has been receiving brickbats for the alleged police excesses. Always more aggressive than the Congress or the BJP in the opposition, in taking up cudgels against the police, is significantly the CPI, the second largest ruling partner. The Chief Minister had the most embarrassing moment on Tuesday when the CPI unleashed a scathing attack on alleged police high handedness.

"If the Chief Minister is incapable of restraining the police, let him admit in the open so that we in CPI shall ourselves do it", commented CPI district secretary P.Raju in Ernakulam. Indirectly endorsing, the party district secretary, CPI state secretary Kanam Rajendran also came out openly against the police lathi charge at Puthu Vypeen. Besides, CPI's official organ in Malayalam. Janayugam came out on Tuesday with an editorial strongly condemning the police action at Puthu Vypeen.

Puthu Vypeen, near Kochi is the site where the proposed LNG terminal is being set up. The project has been a long cherished dream of Kerala. Lately the local residents have been up in arms against the project. As they staged a protest march the other day, demanding forthwith cancellation of the proposed LNG terminal, police resorted to massive lathi charge. Several local people including women were injured in the lathi charge. Since then the Congress led opposition and ruling partner CPI started demanding action against the City Commissioner of Police, Yathish Chandra who ordered the use of force at Puthu Vypeen.

Meanwhile the issue took a new turn with the Director General of Police Sen Kumar strongly defending the police action. The DGP had rushed to Kochi where he summoned DCP Yathish Chandra and SP (Rural) A.V.George seeking their explanation on the police action at Puthu Vypeen. After the discussions with his officers, the DGP told the media that the hands of extremist elements were suspected behind the Puthu Vypeen agitation. He disclosed that there was even a threat by extremists to the Prime Minister when he visited Kochi a couple of days back.

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