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Bobbitization case : brain mapping of the girl to be done

Bobbitization case : brain mapping of the girl to be done

 Jun 20, 2017

The Thiruvavanthapuram based college girl who is reported to have chopped off Swami Gangeshananda's genital following an alleged rape attempt by him on the girl, will be subject to brain mapping and polygraph tests.

The plea by the Kerala police investigating the case of alleged bobbitizing demanding brain mapping and polygraph tests was accepted by the Pocso court here on Tuesday. The court also denied bail for the swami who has been under custody for the past one month, ever since the incident occurred. His lawyer had moved the bail application pointing out that the Swami`s health condition was bad. But the court rejected it. The girl has been directed to appear before the court on Thursday when she will have to make her stance.

The prosecution argued before the court that the statements by the girl were contradictory. Her maiden statement to the police immediately after the incident was that she herself had chopped off Swami Gangeshananda's genital when he made rape attempt on her. However in a letter sent to the Swami's lawyer, the girl contradicted her statement to the police on which the first information report had been filed. In the letter to the lawyer the girl strongly denied any rape attempt or any sort of sexual advances by the Swami. The Swami, the girl said, was totally innocent. She alleged a deep rooted conspiracy behind the whole case in which some top police officers were also involved, But in a subsequent phone conversation with the Swami's lawyer. she admitted having waived a knife against the Swami which could have injured his genital. But she said she never intended it and was forced to act under pressure by her boy friend Ayyappadas.

While the girl and her mother approached the court with the plea that the investigation be handed over to CBI as they had no faith in the Kerala police, the state government on Monday had decided to entrust the case to the crime branch of the state police. Meanwhile a habeas corpus petition was filed before the High Court to produce the woman in the Bobbitization case by one Ayyappadas, claiming to be the lover of the girl involved in the case, seeking to produce her before the court. Alleging that the Sangh Parivar has illegally detained her and forced her to change the statement and that there was a move to make him a scapegoat to protect Swami Gangehsananda from prosecution.

The petition sought a court directive to the Police and girl’s parents to produce her before the court. Alleging that a criminal conspiracy was hatched between the activists of the Sangh Parivar assisted by a lawyer who appeared for Swami , when the investigation was progressing, and consequently the girl was forcibly taken  from their house and was illegally confined at Nattrachira, Nedumangad. She was forced to write a letter to Gangeshananda’s lawyer denying her earlier version against the accused. The content of the letter was also contrary to her version before the Magistrate.

In his submission Ayyappadas said that he was managing a restaurant at Kolencherry owned by GangeshanandaTheerthapada Swami. He added that the girl gashed Gangeshananda’s genitals with a knife when he tried to rape the girl. Petta police registered a case against the accused for the offence under Section 376(rape) and Sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.(POCSO)

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